JaColby’s Arena

Illustrated, functional card game

Personal project, 2024

Fizz Kidz

Box and can designs for a children’s soft drink

Illustration IV, 2024

Mining in Wisconsin

Illustrated Map of mineral deposits in Wisconsin

Illustration IV, 2024

Pixelation Captain

Character Design of a futuristic soldier

Intro to Concept Art, 2024

Sweet to Sour

Figure Exaggeration Assignment 

Advanced Figure Drawing, 2024

Roman Punch

Illustrated cocktail book page for Roman Punch

Illustration IV, 2024

Instagram Banner

Tri-page banner for my instagram page, 2024


Logo for my social media pages, 2024


Pixelation Pistol

Prop Design for a futuristic weapon

Intro to Concept Art, 2024

No Face

Poster for a fictional horror movie

Figure Drawing, 2023

Trek Poster

Poster for Treks’ Ride and Wrench Event

Illustration III, 2023

Hyper Haven Cans

Can designs for Hyper Haven pre workout

Illustration III, 2023

Drake & Yeat Canvas Loop

Animated Canvas Loop

Figure Drawing, 2023

Google Doodle

Mel Blanc Animated Google Doodle Illustration III, 2023

Alvyn’s Car

Drawing of my friend’s car, 2023

Self portrait

Self Portrait Assignment

Figure Drawing, 2023

Money Man

Just a very wealthy, young gentleman, 2023

Valentine’s Day

A gift to my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, 2023


A tiny knight ready to slay some big skeletons, 2023

Fictional Map

A map of a fictional world I made for no particular reason, 2023

Chip Gangsters

1920’s Gangsters Based Off of Different Flavors of Doritos, 2023

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Pretty Ugly

Album Cover for musician, Humpa, 2022


Album Cover for musician, Humpa, 2022


Teaser image for Humpa’s upcoming album, 2022